Electric Paper Airplane Kit

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Product Description Give your paper airplanes power! Just attach PowerUp 2.0 to the nose of your paper airplane and watch it take to the skies! Ordinary paper airplanes become more realistic than ever before - with the new PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit. Virtually unbreakable - just attach the carbon fiber propeller shaft and durable propeller and watch your paper airplane soar! The PowerUp unit delivers enough power for 30 seconds of flight with just a 20-second charge. Want to try out other cool paper airplane designs with your new toy? You're in luck. Directions for making 4 awesome paper airplanes are included. Easily add impressive distance and extra power to your paper airplanes with this kit. Flight made simple: Grab a piece of paper and fold up your airplane Slip on the propeller Hold the charger (with 3AA batteries inside) against the nose portion After 20 seconds, you're fully charged Watch 30 seconds of awesome, propeller-driven flight! Now that's a paper airplane that flies! PowerUp Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit Powerful motor driven propeller makes your paper airplanes really fly! Be amazed by the flight distance and flying time of paper airplanes! Encourages investigation, interest in aeronautics Use your own paper & fold up a plane, then attach conversion kit Hold the charger (with 3AA batteries inside) against the nose portion 20 second charge time provides approximately 30 seconds flight time! Note: Paper airplanes must fly successfully - in order to fly with PowerUp 2.0 20 lb bond paper recommended (not included) Comes with battery pack and propeller Requires 3AA batteries (not included) Measures approximately 7.25 inches long