IQ Puzzler Pro

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Bust your brain in three ways with one game! The top of the game features a grid for basic 2D challenges plus space for completing intense 3D pyramid challenges. Then, flip the game over and you'll find a completely different, wildly angular 2D challenge. It's the ultimate take-anywhere brainteaser adventure! Become a seasoned puzzler with the IQ Puzzler Pro. IQ Puzzler Pro 3 unique brainteaser challenges in one Encourages spatial reasoning, logic, critical thinking, problem-solving Top of game features grid for basic 2D challenges, space for 3D pyramid challenges Bottom of game features unique angular 2D challenge For each challenge, arrange the pieces according to the illustration Complete the challenges by filling in the grid with the remaining pieces Features 120 challenges ranging from easy to expert Packaged in a lidded game board - Great for on-the-go Includes compact game board with transparent lid, 12 colorful game pieces Booklet with 120 challenges and solutions included Ages 6+