Let's Explore Terrarium Observations Play Set

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Explore the outdoor experience of discovering, making a home for, and observing critters that swim, crawl, and fly, anywhere, anytime! Collect real or pretend insects, butterflies, frogs, and more with tweezers and a scooper and pop them in the durable plastic terrarium with lid and carrying handle. Use the magnifying cap and six double-sided ID cards to observe them in their new home! The terrarium has a removable base and a double-sided background card and can be filled with water, sand, or dirt. Enhance pretend play for kids four and older with two plastic critters (ladybug and lizard) to catch and observe. Let’s Explore™ encourages kids to connect with the natural world through imaginative play! Discover the joy of outdoor adventures that instill curiosity and confidence while inspiring kids to say, "Let’s Explore™"!