Orbeez Color Meez Craft Activity Kit

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Grow and transform Orbeez with the Color Meez Kit! This activity kit includes 400 clear grown Orbeez, 800 Orbeez Seeds and 3 liquid colors to transform all 1,200 Orbeez! With the clear Orbeez already in 1 of 2 included tubes, get the fun started right out of the box. Add coloring into the tube or mix and match to create a new color, give it a shake and wait 30 minutes for the Orbeez to change color! After a quick rinse, empty the tube and they’ll be ready for play. Add the seeds to both empty tubes, fill them with water and watch as they magically start to grow! In 4 hours, your seeds will become juicy Orbeez. Roll them, squish them, bounce them, crush them or let them flow through your hands. With Orbeez, you’ll have endless amounts of fun! Ages 5+