Treeskate Natural Stand-Up Skateboard Swing

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BEST EVER SWING FINALLY MEETS SKATEBOARDS just cant get enough time at the skate park. The Swurfer Tree Skates traditional skate setup is designed specifically for aggressive maneuvers and huge aerials. Unlike the Swurfers curved deck design, the Tree Skate features a flat, tapered skate deck which encourages pumping your legs to generate huge amounts of momentum and swing way up into the sky. Hand-crafted design the tree skates standard 31 in. skateboard deck features 2 eye-popping graphic options to choose from grip tape ensures that your feet stay locked into place at all times and provides your feet with the traction necessary to really put your weight into your turns the weather resistant grommets and clear coat finish ensure it lasts through harsh elements and the patented, fully adjustable handles can be set up to fit any riders height Best kind of exercise you'll be so focused on the fun you're having that you wont even realize how much of a workout you're getting pumping the Swurfer board with your legs requires glute and thigh activation, while maintaining your balance and keeping your body centered between the handles is a great core workout Crazy fast setup everything you need to start swinging is included in the box so that you can have your swing installed on your tree, swing set or jungle gym in minutes watch as the entire neighborhood piles into your yard to play around or use it with our universal quick connect tree hanging straps and take it with you on adventures use it at your next family picnic, a fun outing at the park or better yet, hang out by the campfire on your next road trip 1-year 100% satisfaction guarantee we stand behind all our swings because if we stood in front we'd probably get smooshed that means if, for any reason, you aren't happy with this amazing swing then you're not going to be stuck with it hanging from your tree for the rest of time